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Credit Cards
Find the lowest rates and best deals on credit cards for good or bad credit

Credit Cards
Choose a low interest credit card that is right for you. Select from Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
or Discover. We can find you the best deals and offers with the lowest interest rates. Whether or not you have good or bad credit, you can still get a great deal and competitive rates on all credit card.

Apply for and get a Credit Card online, it's quick and simple. Choose a credit card that matches your needs. Even if you have bad credit problems, we can still help you get a credit card.

Even with a declared bankruptcy, bad credit history, delinquencies, or late payments, you can still get a credit card. Owning a credit card and making regular monthly payments is a great way to re-establish and start rebuilding your credit again.


Apply NowCiti® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card

Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card● 0% APR* on balance transfers for nine months
● $50 gift card - Redeem 5,000 bonus points after first purchase*
● 5 reward points for every $1 spent on purchases at supermarkets
● No annual fee and FREE rewards program

Earn points for all kinds of rewards: home, electronics, sports, dining, travel and more. There’s no fee to participate and points are easy to earn and redeem.


Apply NowAT&T Universal Cash Rewards Card

AT&T Universal Cash Rewards Card● Earn 5% Cash back on purchases and calling card calls.*
● 0% APR on Balance Transfers until 02/01/2005 *
● Enjoy a competitive interest rate on purchases.
● No annual fee.*
● Shop confidently with our Online Guarantee.

Enjoy the convenience of a credit card and a calling card combined in one, with no annual fee!


Apply NowThe Chase PerfectCard

The Chase PerfectCard● 6% rebate on all gas purchases made at any gas station
● After that, you'll earn a 3% rebate on all gas purchases.
● Earn a 1% rebate on all other purchases
● 0% Introductory APR* on balance transfers
● Purchase Protection

Until now, gas rebate cards had their limits: one brand of gas and that was it. Those days are over. Earn rebates on all of your gas purchases with the Chase Perfect Card Perfectly Rewarding.


Apply NowChase CashBuilder MasterCard®

Chase CashBuilder MasterCard● No annual fee
● Up to 2% cash rewards on new purchases.
● 0% introductory APR on balance transfers
● No balance transfer fee for balances transferred during the introductory period

When you reach your Registration Date Anniversary, you will receive your cash reward in the mail. Cash rewards are limited to $500 each year. For more information on how to earn Chase Cash Builder rewards click here.


Apply NowDiscover Titanium Card

Discover Titanium Card● 0% Intro APR*
● Then a low 9.9% everyday APR
● No Annual Fee
● 100% Fraud Protection
● Up to $50,000 Credit Limit

Introducing the Discover Titanium Card! Get a 0% Intro APR then a low 9.9% everyday APR! Plus No Annual Fee and Up to a $50,000 credit line. Start Saving Today - APPLY NOW! It's fast, easy and secure.


Apply NowBlue from American Express

Blue from American Express● Evolving Credit
● 0% Intro APR for up to 15 months.
● Then a fixed APR as low as 7.99%
● No annual fee
● 7.99% fixed APR on balance transfers

Get Blue from American Express Redefine what a credit card can do for you! Online Fraud Protection Guarantee--protects you against unauthorized purchases online. Built-in Smart Chip--for added Internet security. Plus, An Exciting, Free Rewards Program Register for BlueLoot the totally FEE-FREE online rewards program from Blue.

About Credit Cards
If used correctly, a credit card is a great financial tool. It can be more convenient to use and carry than cash and it offers valuable consumer protections under federal law. Here is some important information that may help you determine whether you're ready for plastic, what to look for when you select a company to do business with and how to use your credit card responsibly.

Qualifying for a Credit Card
If you're at least 18 years old and have a regular source of income, you're well on your way to qualifying for a credit card. But despite the invitations from card issuers, you'll still have to demonstrate that you're a good risk before they grant you credit. The proof is in your credit record. If you've financed a car loan or other purchase, you probably have a record at a credit reporting bureau. This credit history shows how responsible you've been in paying your bills and helps the credit card issuer decide how much credit to extend.

Before you apply for an online credit card application, you should get a copy of your Credit Report to make sure it's accurate. Contact the credit bureaus listed in the telephone directory under "credit" or "credit rating and reporting." Because more than one credit bureau may have a file on you, call each until you locate all the agencies maintaining your file. The three major national credit bureaus are EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN, and TRANS UNION.



Using a Credit Card to Establish a Credit History
If you haven't financed a car loan, a computer, or some other major purchase. How do you begin to establish credit? You could consider applying for a credit card issued by a department store and use it responsibly. Ask if they report to a credit bureau. If they do and if you pay your bills on time you'll establish a good credit history. Second, consider a secured credit card. It requires that you open and maintain a bank account or other asset account at a financial institution as security for your line of credit. Your credit line will be a percentage of your deposit, typically from 50 to 100 percent. Application and processing fees are not uncommon for secured credit cards. In addition, secured credit cards usually carry higher interest rates than traditional non-secured credit cards. A positive credit history is an asset, not only when you apply for a credit card, but also when you apply for a job or insurance, or when you want to finance a car or a home.


Credit Card Learning Center

Credit Card Payment Calculator - This calculator will show how much interest is paying if you make only the minimum required payment on your credit card bill.

Choosing the Right Credit Card - Compare the costs and terms of credit cards to find the best plan that best fits your spending habits.

Credit Card Fraud - This guide shows you how to prevent credit or charge card fraud with a few simple steps that make it more difficult for a crook to capture your card or card numbers.

Credit Card Glossary - this glossary will help explain credit card terms and definitions.

Credit Card Disclosures - Credit terms and conditions affect your overall cost, so it is prudent to compare terms and fees before you agree to open a credit or charge card account.

Getting started with Credit Cards - A credit card is a great financial tool, if used correctly it can be more convenient to use and carry than cash and it offers valuable consumer protection.

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