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Debt Consolidation
Get debt consolidation help and advice for bad credit

The unexpected can always happen. Medical emergencies or job loss and unemployment can quickly put you behind on you credit card payments and monthly bills, and before you know it, you are falling
into serious debt.
Debt Consolidation Help
Bad credit debt consolidating can literally put money back into your pocket and preserve your credit rating. Request a FREE consultation and an approved debt counseling partner will contact you.

A debt management program is a proven method for getting out of debt. Participation in a debt management program will not only help to stop harassing collector calls, but will allow you to both reduce your monthly payments and reduce or eliminate interest and late charges. Reduced interest and late charges means that more of your money is paid towards the principal, getting you out of debt faster.

Recover from Debt with a Free Debt Consultation Help: Apply Now

Debt Counseling and Consolidation Overview
Many Americans are falling deeper and deeper into debt. Last year credit account holders charged more than $400 billion on their credit cards as the total of outstanding, non-secured consumer debt reached the astronomical level of $1.65 trillion. According to the Federal Reserve, credit-card debt now averages $8,562 per household.

Mounting debt-related issues can overwhelm and dominate people's lives. Causes for seemingly insurmountable personal debt are often unrelated to spending habits: loss of employment; uninsured medical bills; litigation; divorce; and catastrophic loss. The consequences of cascading creditor demands can drastically impact the family environment and are certainly crafted to impart severe stress on the delinquent party. So before you toss bills in a drawer, it may be time to adjust your debt strategies and consider credit counseling. In 2002, more than two million Americans sought assistance from credit-counseling agencies, according to a Georgetown University survey.

When do you Need Help with Debt?
How should you determine whether you need help? Credit counselors say there are several symptoms which indicate that someone needs a debt doctor. They include:

Not being able to make more than the minimum payment on credit cards.
Using credit to pay for items you previously purchased with cash such as food and gas.
Satisfying credit card minimums by charging them to other cards.
Being vulnerable to financial emergencies, such as car repairs, that could be devastating.
Never seeing an improvement in your finances year after year.
Worrying about money.

The experts agree that the determinant is not how much you owe, but how the debt affects you. Your debt load could be $1,000, and that could feel pretty severe. Essentially, you should seek help when you start feeling distressed.


Compare our Debt Counseling and Consolidation Service:
Don't let mounting debt control your life, get debt consolidation help for any type of credit situation: bad credit, loans, or credit card debt. Apply online for free Information and we will connect you to a debt consolidation company that can help you consolidate your debt and put you back on track to rebuild your credit.

Credit Cards maxed out? Lower your Payments and Get out of Debt!
The unexpected - such as a medical emergency or the loss of a job - can put you behind on your monthly bills. Before you know it, you're fielding calls from creditors and collection agencies.

With professional debt help, you can:
Stop bill collector harassment
Pay one lower monthly payment
Reduce interest rates and stress
Eliminate your debts and avoid bankruptcy
Confidentially receive professional advice

By consolidating your debt, you can literally put money back into your pocket and help to preserve your credit rating find out how with a free consultation. Did you know that if you are making only minimum payments on a credit card, an $8,000 debt at a rate of 18% interest will take you over 25 years to repay and cost you over $24,000.


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